T2 Toilet Wand

Your new toilet cleaning companion.

How To Use

Follow the simple 4 step process below, to get started using your new T2 Toilet Wand.


Connect pieces (1), and (2) together, to have them lock into place.

Then click pieces (3), and (4) into one another to form the base. This will act as a docking station for you wand while not in use.

Step 1. Attach a Brush Head 

Take the 6 pack of brush heads, and tear or cut out one square.
Next simply push down the blue switch located on the brush, to open up the jaws, and slide in your brush head before releasing the switch so that it can clamp down tightly for a strong hold.


Step 2. Suds Up & Scrub 🫧

Dip the brush into the water, so that the brush head is submerged, and shake it around a little to start releasing the cleaning agent that is dyed into the pad. After a few seconds you will see the water starting to change colour, and you are now ready to start scrubbing!

Step 3. Release & Flush 🚽

Once you are finished scrubbing, you can press the same switch down on the brush, in order to open up the jaws again, and release the now used brush head into the bowl, and flush away all the germs! 

Optional: To also get the wand clean, if it has be used for the bottom of the toilet as well, you can also place it in-between your toilet seat and bowl, spray it with your choice of sanitising solution, and wipe down with a piece of toilet paper.

Step 4. Dock & Dash 💨

You're all done! Place the brush back into the holder ready for next time, and go about your day.

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