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T1 Starter Kit

T1 Starter Kit

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Cleaning the toilet is something none of us like to do, and there's a good reason why, the current toolkit isn't up to the task, providing poor results, and an unpleasant experience.

Arm yourself instead with a powerful wand to make dirt disappear! 

• No more 'stuff' left on your brush!
• Eliminate toilet cleaning dread
• Know things are clean 365 days/year
• Make life easier & get peace-of-mind

Traditional Toilet Brushes

Difficult to use
❌ Leave residue on the brush
❌ Sit around dirty
❌ Breed germs
❌ Smell bad
❌ Make you dread cleaning the toilet
❌ Are a health hazard

T1 Toilet Wand

✅ Easy-to-use design
✅ Much more hygienic & sanitary
✅ No mess, once done just throw away
✅ Cost-effective refills available
✅ A stress-free solution
✅ Keeps you healthy & safe

What You'll Get:

1 X T1 Toilet Wand
1 X T1 Brush Head Pack (8pcs)

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T1 Starter Kit

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